Together We Stand

Abuse is abuse, and abuse is wrong! You have suffered in darkness. You have suffered alone. No more! You are not alone. You are now among those of us who understand, who have been there, and who have lived the same nightmare. Your light may be dim, but it still shines. You are here for a reason, to rekindle your fire within. For centuries, world-wide, these oiled-paper wonders have been sent with wishes of hope and dreams, as well as silent screams of pain, penned on notes secured inside them. They are deep cries from the soul, being set free. Releasing these flames and cries carries danger as they drift into the night and into our world. Embrace that danger, embrace the pain, and embrace you. Together we will show the world our light, our pain, our cries for peace, and our soul. This is our story. This is us, Universally Us.

How to Help Yourself When Dealing with a Narcissist If you are waiting for the Narcissist in your life to take care of you, you will wait for a VERY long time. They will not, they cannot, and they never will. Not only will the wait be long, it will be painful, frustrating, exhausting, and […]

Leave or Stay for the Kids Should I leave for my kids or should I stay for my kids? This has to be one of the toughest questions I have ever faced in life. What is right for the kids? Which way is the least damaging to their young hearts? How do I protect them […]