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  • This space is to help learn from each other and deal with divorcing a covert narcissist. For example, can you just walk away with your children? Or does that count against you in court? How do you plan your escape to make sure it doesn’t come up and bite you if you go to court? Or do you just do it and let the chips fall where they fall?…[Read more]

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    • Kat replied 1 year ago

      Hey GG! Sucks to be here with you but grateful to not feel alone.

      I’m in the process of divorcing a CN. I was wondering if anyone brought up the abuse in their divorce? With my H an abuse allegation could have negative professional consequences.

      • I did not bring up the abuse in the divorce process. I think it would have caused a huge reaction from him and ruined the quick and relatively peaceful divorce we ended up with.
        I had talked with him many times about the verbal and emotional abuse. He didn’t get it! I tried to explain every way that was possible. He said to me once, “How can you…[Read more]