Hurting her to Hurt Me

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    What can I do? How can I prove it to the court? Will the court even care? Right now we have 50/50 custody. He hurt her to hurt me. I don’t know what to do. And she’s stuck with him till Friday I get her for a few hours. I don’t know how to protect her!?
    He knew he was doing wrong today. but he was texting me about house appraisal stuff while doing it!

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    call child protective services on him, ask for emergency hearing to ask for guardian ad litem/supervised visits based on abuse. Call police and report the abuse and have her talk to them alone to collaborate the abuse. Find out your state’s laws on one-sided recordings. Can you? Can then set her up with a recording watch that will see and hear what he does? Or a recording night light or something that if plugged in can record long time? Get her into therapy when she is with you and then have her tell the therapist. Have her tell a school counselor what is happening. Take her to her pediatrician and tell them and ask them to document the marks and talk to her to confirm it so it is documented. Can’t get her into a doctor quickly, then take her to an urgent care.

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