3 Questions for Survivors of Emotional Abusive Relationships

A young woman, two generations younger and half a world away suggested I write a Q & A Blog for survivors. She’s still picking eggshells and gravel out of her feet after a bad breakup with a narcissist, but she’s out. She’s right, it would be encouraging and informative to hear from other survivors. Am hoping you’ll pitch in, share your insight in the comments or reply section. If it works, I have 3 more ready to go. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. How many failed attempts to leave the relationship did you make before you did it?
  2. Did you come to a realization and leave or were you left behind blinking in shock and despair?
  3. If you left, were there key realizations that helped you stay away…not get sucked back in?

4 comments on “3 Questions for Survivors of Emotional Abusive Relationships

  1. I don’t know if I’m logged into the right room? I’m the victim of scapegoating by my narcissistic family. I’m going through dark times at the moment so I need some support.
    If I’m in the wrong place, can you signpost me if possible please?
    Many thanks

    • Hey there, you are in the right place for help with narcissistic abuse. Click on the menu of this website. Then click on Forums. You can choose which rooms you want to make posts and comments in. These are the rooms for open conversations. I hope this helps.

  2. 1. I made several half hearted attempts to leave but was “hoovered” back in with promises of change and guilt trips about my values of loyalty and the covenant of marriage.

    2. Huge realization compelled me to put his stuff in trash bags and change the locks.

    3. He, supposedly a sex addict in recovery, was caught voyuering my adult child in our home. I have not spoken to him since. He made the choice easy and permanent.

    • Sounds like you’ve got your wits about you and are taking action. Trusting your instincts is huge…They are what prompt our sudden realizations, and you listened.

      It’s hard to make dramatic life changes. Sometimes we vacillate until staying is harder than leaving. Your motherly instincts were triggered as well. I have a hunch you’re going to be fine. You’ve got courage and strength.

      Regrets will flicker, but remember the past is out of reach for all of us. Moving forward is where to focus with pride and determination. Good for you!

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