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    Hey GG! Sucks to be here with you but grateful to not feel alone.

    I’m in the process of divorcing a CN. I was wondering if anyone brought up the abuse in their divorce? With my H an abuse allegation could have negative professional consequences.

    • I did not bring up the abuse in the divorce process. I think it would have caused a huge reaction from him and ruined the quick and relatively peaceful divorce we ended up with.
      I had talked with him many times about the verbal and emotional abuse. He didn’t get it! I tried to explain every way that was possible. He said to me once, “How can you…[Read more]

  • Hi! I’m in my 50’s. Separated for a couple months headed toward divorce.

    I’m just learning about covert narcissism. I always knew something wasn’t right but he did not fit the usual Narc patterns. CN .. he could be the poster boy.

    Even though his heinous behaviors and lies are what led to this, he is playing the victim BIG TIME!

    I’m told to h…[Read more]

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