• Emma
    I don’t know how long or if a certain amount of time can be placed on different aspects of having to live with a CN. I do know that if you have high standards, respect for yourself, operate on truth and integrity you won’t pick up the actions or the vocabulary of the CN. For me at one point I did immediately notice that I w…[Read more]

  • I ask myself this question quite often. Am I going to be okay? Then I go through my mental list of the things I want to see manifest in my daily life. If my list turns out to be too big I immediately become overwhelmed. That’s when I re-evaluate and prioritize what is most beneficial and what is urgent. By doing this I am able to condense my l…[Read more]

  • Yesterday was another disappointing experience. Try as I may, not letting things affect me on an emotional level is far more difficult than one realizes..
    I have been striving to find activities for Isaiah and I (Isaiah is my Grandson) where we can break free from the hum drum and have quality time together. I especially want to make sure Isaiah…[Read more]

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    I’m happy for you getting out. I am close to that milestone. Sometimes I don’t think I can look at him one more day. I was so deeply in love at one time, now I can hardly stand being in the same room. To look at him I feel disgusted from all the things he has done to me. I am going into 25 years and 23 of them are marriage. I feel angry at mys…[Read more]

  • I was listening to videos about Narcissist, Psychopaths, and Sociopaths. The three are so mingled in similarities it’s hard to distinguish each. All three don’t have compassion and to top it off they don’t think anything is wrong or different about them. I was hoping to find information about the destructive Narcissist and the origin. What cause…[Read more]

  • Hello Renee,
    I wanted to touch bases with you about a couple other areas that concern the Narcissist and their covert ways. First, I wonder what it is that they (mine in particular) see in you which causes them to pursue you. Second, When a situation would ultimately benefit them, they will still do things to sabotage the person? Third, is…[Read more]

  • Hey Renee, The situation is far worse than one could imagine. Having your life and the material things attached that makes you unique has absolutely no value to the Narcissist other than being useful weapons to hurt you once again. Prior to the knowledge that has redefined my life I was close to a mental breakdown of mass proportions. Largely…[Read more]

  • My Husband was able to hide that he had severe psychological problems of the Narcissist type for the first 13 years of our marriage. Once I started to research and learn about Narcissism so many unanswered and unsolved issues were now in perspective for me. This gave me a sense of hope and the insanity was not so insane as it once was for me on a…[Read more]

  • Yes, I am in your age group. I am planning a vicious divorce from the Narcissist in my life. I can’t wait to see the dumb fuck look on his face when he realizes I’m done. He likes to ruin my things. He puts holes in my clothes and stains them or they come up completely missing. He gets this weird satisfaction from ruining my clothing. He thr…[Read more]

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