Online Dating Safety

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    How do you feel about the following 4 tips to reduce the risk of online dating:
    1. Never divulge personal information such as what kind of car you drive, where you live, work or hang out. (City, state, vocation, activities you enjoy)
    2. ALWAYS meet for at least your first few dates. Being picked up divulges your address.Remember, Online dating has become a playground for predators. (I’ve got an article I will post on this soon.) Be a bit of a mystery…it can make it fun for all.
    3. ALWAYS arrange to meet for your first few dates at public places, no hikes or moonlight strolls in low traffic areas.
    4. Men as well as women are vulnerable. Until you meet in person, you’ve seen an online profile, perhaps talked on the phone. You don’t know this person. Trust is earned, not taken for granted when you’re considering an intimate relationship with a stranger.

    I hope you have other tips, perhaps experiences both good and bad to contribute! Happy dating and best wishes! Alex Delon

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    Renee Swanson

    Online dating is a totally foreign world to me right now. But I will say that this advice sounds absolutely useful! While you do want to keep yourself safe, you also don’t want to live in a bubble of fear. Be smart and happy dating! Renee Swanson

    Alex Delon

    I’ve been enjoying Meetup group activities. Have not been on an online date site since I moved from Flagstaff, AZ to San Diego a year ago.

    cat lore

    I don’t use my real name on my profile. Some guys ask for my phone # before we’ve met. Nope. No one knows my last name. I’ve only had 2 or 3 dates with each guy I’ve agreed to meet and 2 or 3 was enough for me to decide I don’t want to see them again. After 3 months on Match, I canceled.

    Alex Delon

    Online dating takes time, effort and more than a little courage. LOL I found that meeting for coffee or simply for a drink is an ideal 1st get together. The two of us can continue into lunch or dinner if things are going well or drink up and dash if it is not a good fit. Dinner conversation can become a lot of work…and long…when it was clear within the first five minutes that we weren’t a good match.

    Public places with nearby parking-well lit at night are good choices. I nicely decline if they ask to walk me to my car ever since I got caught between cars in the parking night…as he moved in and said “how about a little hug goodbye”. Hug? Two wide spread hands groping my back and sides was NOT “a little hug” Ugh! I left unscathed, pickier about where I park and have updated my Uber/Lyft apps on my phone.

    I’ve also had some really fun first dates where drinks lingered into dinner. Not true love yet, but terrific evenings. Best of luck and love! Alex Delon

    Alex Delon

    I was not encouraged to venture into online dating again. I’d been on and for about a year in Flagstaff, AZ. I did meet several nice men, but we weren’t a good fit for each other.

    I also ran across what I call Profile Perjury more than a few times. One man’s profile picture was over 15 years old, he said he was looking for an active, athletic woman. I barely recognized him when we met. He was not spry. At all.

    Another was a nice man, retired fire fighter, widowed. His kids had signed him up. His profile said he was active, athletic…He’d actually been chief firefighter in a town a few hours away. Had driven to meet me. Walked in with a cane and a limp. He apologized, said his children didn’t add that he’d retired after a building fell on him. Crippled him up a bit. He bought lunch. We had a nice visit…still wouldn’t have turned into a relationship.

    I wonder why people who aren’t honest on the profiles set themselves up a let down?

    It’s also a lot of work, responding to likes or comments, arranging to meet. Lots of blind dates with the online approach.

    I prefer Meetup activities and am learning to enjoy life as a single/active/athletic gal. LOL

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